" Kerja sambil piknik ya itu sudah menjadi bagian dari saya. Tidak akan ada cerita tanpa adanya perjalanan.. karena bagi saya ada jalan ya ada cerita.. kalau gak jalan ya tidak ada cerita..Simpel dan tidak pakai ribet.. semua jalani saja.."


The beauty of the island in Teluk Kiluan
Teluk Kiluan Lampung...

Who doesn't know Teluk Kiluan? when we are talking about Teluk Kiluan, the things that comes to our mind is dolphins. Yes, absolutely right. Teluk Kiluan is one of the place that is located in Tanggamus regency. It is one of the famous tourism place in Lampung. The location is in Kelumbayan District. We spend around 3 hours from Bandar Lampung. it is totally fantastic journey where we could find the beautiful view of mountain, hills and also sea. people are happy since the trip there especially for the one who likes challenging.
     I have visited that place with some of my office mates. we started for a journey at around 04.PM and we arrived there at 07.30 PM. spending one night there gave us unforgettable moment, like having barbecue together. the view of Balinesse culture absolutely created the situation like in a real Bali. yahh, eventhough Bali is so Far but the condition and view are seen here.
The Dolphins in Teluk Kiluan
     In the morning, around 07.00 AM, we started to see dolphins in the middle of the sea. The Boats took us there for 2 hours. It was shocking actually when we started to go. the surf was big, it shook our boat to the right and to the left. Feeling so afraid for several minutes, but when we saw the dolphins, the shaking of the surf was not really problem for us. We really enjoyed the dance of the dolphins. It was amazing and natural dolphins.
   So, if you want to see the dolphins in natural sea, just come to Teluk Kiluan Lampung.
The Beach of Teluk Kiluan

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